We conduct Financial Wellness programs on Personal Finance amongst various target groups such as corporate employees, Homemakers, NonFinance executives and Retiring employees. We have conducted many such programs for various target groups.

Win Win for Employees and Corporates

It has been found that financial stress of employees impacts their productivity.The financial wellness program at corporates improve the money management skills of the employees.Do they get better clarity on their personal financial goals and how to achieve them?They do a better job of their spending, saving and investing and managing risks in life which enable them to take charge of their financial life.They achieve peace & prosperity by better management of their investments leading to happiness in the golden period after retirement. Corporates also earn the good will of the employees, and it leads to higher motivation, improved productivity, and improved employee retention.

Contents of the Programme

  • Why is Financial Planning necessary?

  • How to plan for contingencies in life?

  • How to select proper and adequate life insurance?

  • How to plan for health insurance for self and family?

  • How to avoid costly Loans and Debts?

  • How much retirement corpus is needed and how to invest retirement corpus? 

  • How to plan for investments to achieve financial goals, i.e., children’s education and marriage, margin money for buying a house?

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